Friday, December 23, 2011

Hyundai Fluidic Verna


Car Type: Sedan
Fuel : Both Diesel & Petrol

Price Range : 8.5L to 13L on road Karnataka

The new Hyundai Fluidic Verna is a come back with huge success, with great looks, very good interiors, features of a Luxury car & many safety features. Its the highest selling car in its segment with the second competitor being Volkswagen Vento.

Space Inside: Both front & rear has good leg space, Boot space is little smaller.
Milage/Fuel Consumption: Excellent (21 kmpl on highway)
Driving Comfort: Very Good
Looks: Excellent
Dealer Satisfaction: Good

Excellent looks, good mileage, nice driving pleasure
Automatic Transmission available in Diesel also

Little high priced, boot space is less.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lifu Ishtene - Kannada Movie Review

Movie Name: Lifu Ishtene
Release Date: 9 Sept. 2011
Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Pawan Kumar
Producer: Jack Manu, Upendra Shetty, Yograj Bhat
Star Cast: Diganth, Samyukta Belawadi, Ramya Barna, Sindhu Loknath
Music: Mano Murthy
Camera: Jnana Murthy

Lifu Ishtene is the debut film of Pawan Kumar as a director. Earlier he used to work as an assistant director with Yograj Bhat. The film is all about a guy (Diganth as Vishal) who falls in love with many girls in his career right from school days & all of them ditch him. Picturisation of the movie is too good, especially the shooting of the songs in Leh & Ladak is awesome. Music, song lyrics & choreography is also good. But the movie is very slow, lack of energy, less comedy. The first half has some comedy & songs, so it goes well, second half is kinda boring. Diganth has done good acting & delivered good natural dialogues with lively performance. Editing is done well. As its the directors first movie, it has some flaws, but its a good start for him.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Review for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - Smart Phone

Rating: 4/5

Style & Design: 4.5/5
Ease of use: 4/5
Features: 4.5/5
Camera Quality: 3/5
Battery Life: 3/5
Touch Sensitivity: 4/5
Reliability & Durability: 3.5/5
Signal & Sound Reception: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5 (Good value for money)

Purchase price: 12k

I wanted to purchase a Droid phone & my budget was 10-15k, so I was looking for a lower mid-range smart phone, after researching on internet & also using my friend's phone for one day I decided to buy this phone. Its been more than 15 days & I am liking the phone very much. Below I am listing the pros & cons of the phone, based on this one can decide on whether they want to go with this phone or not.

* Android Phone for an affordable price, its a real value for money.
* Feature rich & Fast, Android 2.2 Froyo, though there is no official release of Android 2.3 Gingerbread for this phone, but unofficial upgrade is available on internet
* Comes with black & white panels & with 2GB mem card for free.

* Camera quality is not so great
* No front camera, you cannot do face to face video 3G call
* With Android 2.2, battery life sucks, but with Android 2.3, battery life is much better.
* Backward compatibility for some devices not available, for Ex, I have a Samsung bluetooth headset which I am still not able to connect to my new phone, it used to work very well with my old Nokia N73
* The headset which has the control for FM does'nt have button for changing the FM station or moving to a next song or to stop the song, ... If you want to change the FM radio station then you need to unlock the phone & change the FM station thru the FM Radio application.

Over all its a good mid range smart phone which is really worth the money you pay. We can say its a higher mid range smart phone for a lower mid range price :-)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jogayya - Kannada Movie Review

Movie Name: Jogayya / Jogaiah
Release Date: 19 Aug 2011
Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Director: Prem
Producer: Rakshita Prem
Star Cast: Shivarajkumar, Sumit Kaur Atwal
Music: V Harikrishna
Movie Budget: 22 crores

Jogayya is the sequel of the 2005 blockbuster movie Jogi. This movie is the hat-trick hero Shivarajkumar's 100th movie. Prem has tried to do the same as Uppi's "Super" movie. Uppi has show how the horse trading is done in politics in the movie Super & Prem in this Jogayya movie has shown about the BSY's, Reddy brothers & Kumaraswamy's allegations on acquiring farmer's land in the name of Global Investor Meet, illegal way of wooing the voters. Funny parts in the movie are Yeddiyurappa wiping his face with towel when something does'nt go in his way & Kumaraswamy distributing sarees to get the votes :-)

After the "hoDi maga" rowdyism in the movie Jogi, here Jogayya realizes the sentiments of the people & stops rowdyism & goes to Mumbai to lead a peaceful life with earning money just for food & clothes. He will be looking at the cattle in a rich Belagavi Kannadiga family in Mumbai. The owner's daughter looking at his behavior, simplicity, sincere & helping nature falls in love with him. Once he will be trying to escape to Dubai with his newly made friends in Mumbai & he gets caught by the Karnataka police, coz using his name the existing underworld dons in Bengaluru have created a lot of mess in Bangalore. Later the Belagavi girl helps him to get out of all legal hassels with the help of the lawyer Pooja Gandhi. After getting out of the court Jogayya throws a shocking dialogue "Bengaluru is mine, i still own the underworld ..." For what happens next, watch the movie :-)

The first half of the movie has comedy & nice songs, so you will enjoy & time passes till the interval without notice of the time. The second half has lot of violence. In one of the scene Jogayya goes in to a killing spree holding the Machchu (long sharp wepon) & killing huge number of people. The cameraman Nandakumar has done a good job. Editing, special effects, graphics are well done in the songs & actions.

Overall, its a good family entertainer except for some violence in the second half. All the songs are good, especially "Kuri koLina somavara shanivara koiyyangilla ... " .

Its worth the movie to watch once with family.