Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KENT GRAND+ Water Purifier

KENT GRAND+, a water purifier which has RO + UF + UV + TDS control.
Have been using this product from past 2 months & very happy with the quality of water. Though the customer service is not that great, the taste of water from this water purifier compensates all the negatives.

Ease of use: Good
Taste of water: Excellent
Style & Design: Good
Service & support: Poor

Earlier we were using the canned water (20 ltr can), the quality & purification of the water was so bad, finally we decided to buy a water purifier which would also do the RO. Since I tasted the water purified by KENT in my friend's house, i felt it was good & we also bought KENT GRAND+ We are very much happy with the quality & taste of water so far.

* Quality & taste of water is too good
* Design & look of the unit is good
* Low power consumption
* 8 ltr water tank, cleaning is easy

* No good customer service
* Almost 40% of the water is exhaust
* Water level indicator is not visible clearly

Purchased for ~ 10k in military canteen in New Delhi.

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